If a thing’s worth doing…

There are those times that you really have to think, make decisions and concentrate. And then there are times when the pieces fall straight into place and magic happens. This is one of those times:

I have read and heard of the Lagunitas Brewing Company, and only in the most praising manner. Oh, the balance! The rich golden color! The label tells of 59 IBU’s, but Maximus isn’t bitter. Rumor has it that Lagunitas boils this blend for over 90 minutes. The long boil allows the beer to mellow and mature so that the finished product has great depth, and discernible levels of flavors and textures. If I have only one quibble, it is that the amazing balance has softened the blow of it’s underlying strength. 8.2 ABV is below some of the more adventurous IPA’s on the market, but by no means lightweight. Two of these 22 ounce bottles is enough to keep many drinkers out of the driver’s seat. My preference would be more like six bottles or so, but at $10.00 a bottle, my wife would have an opinion.
Now listen up Louisiana beer distributors! Send me more beer from these Petaluma beer wizards!

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