Double? Triple? Quad Stout?

It doesn’t take much convincing for me to try anything from the mad men at Brew Dog. I have heard about the insane 50-60% alcohol brews, and I have sampled a few of their more pedestrian offerings that available here in the USA. To be honest, I am a sucker for a high ABV brew. I love the raw taste of alcohol that comes through a 10% ABV or higher beer or a good 130 proof bourbon. So when I came across this:


I didn’t hesitate. Tokio “Intergalactic Fantastic Oak Aged Stout ” from Brew Dog checks in at 18.2% ABV. The label doesn’t even say “beer.” It depicts the product as “malt liquor.”

That’s right. This high brow, Scottish imported microbrew considers itself the same as the likes of Mickeys, Old English 800 or Lazer. Now, it has been many years since I have had the pleasure of walking the streets with 40 ounces in a paper bag, but I can still taste the beer soaked, charcoal briquette flavor of a gas station’s finest. Tokio Stout is a very different animal. Rich, dark, malty and heavy, like chocolate and dirt soaked in gasoline. Tokio Stout is a slow drinking affair. There is not, to my knowledge, another beer quite like it. Which probably isn’t a bad thing. Having had the experience, I have to say that I enjoyed it thoroughly. But to think about having a second bottle, well that is another thing altogether. Once is likely enough. Tokio is so heavy, that afterwards I swear that I can feel my blood flow slowing down, and I may have gained 10 pounds. And aside from a three pound Porterhouse, there aren’t many foods to pair with.

So, thank you Brew Dog, for the experience. Please send more like it our way.


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